Saturday, September 26, 2015

Vanishing Moon

Lunar eclipse photographed through a telescope from Woodslawn Farm on November 9, 2003. Photo by Dave & Stephanie Purington.
I wrote these haiku and perhaps 20 more in November 2003, when Dave, Stephanie, Katy, and Elizabeth gave me running commentary on the event, which I did occasionally see for myself through a carefully-positioned-and-held mirror. From what I remember, a total lunar eclipse is definitely worth staying up late for. Probably even more so when it's a supermoon.

Vanishing Moon

On pale grass
the blackness of my shadow
full moon

Disappearing moon –
my eyes find one star
then a thousand

we whisper
into the stillness

Total eclipse
the color of the night

Vanished moon
no conversation on the hillside
where owls talk

cold air touches me
all over

Returning light
the wind that touches my cheek
again only cold

Fragrance of coffee
in the warm kitchen
window moon

[Schedule for the supermoon lunar eclipse of Sept. 27 to 28, 2015,  including description of the stages. Precise local viewing times here.]

A full moon rises over the eastern horizon in this photo taken from Woodslawn Farm by Herbert Purington, circa 1972

A bright sliver of the moon (not an eclipse) seen from Stuart, FL in, 2015. Photo by Nancy Purington.

September 27, 2015 lunar eclipse photo taken from Rutland, MA by Jim:  "About 11 pm, a few minutes after the max. Perfect viewing conditions."

Moon watchers, Colrain, MA, September 27, 2015, around 10 pm