Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Late November

65th birthday
– after too much cake
I throw away letters
meant to be read
when I got old

Snowflakes spangle
the greenhouse windows –
I pinch
a fragrance of summer
from the rosemary leaf

With one finger
I rub scum from the neck
of a black vase –
it doesn't match my wardrobe,
the scarf he brought from Paris


Monday, September 22, 2014

The Monarch of Woodslawn Farm

A Monarch butterfly nestles in a yellow mum in this view to the southeast from the stone porch steps of Woodslawn Farm, mid-September, 2014.
Herbert celebrated his 90th birthday this week with small family gatherings, birthday cakes, phone calls, and a steadily increasing pile of birthday cards sent from around the country.

On his birthday
the white-haired man who is my father
passes around
a wedge of tree trunk –
wide growth rings, narrow ones


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summery Tanka

A tall heron
hides its legs in the shallow pond
and I wonder
can a woman lose herself
in the digital sea

Does she remember
the Vermont flowers
that became salad
for a woodchuck –
my transplanted sister

The tractor
my grandfather bought
more rust than red
the hot-sun fragrance
of dry grass waiting to be baled

Bath towels
tug against the clothesline –
13 candles
and a long argument
about her curfew

     by Carol Purington